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Unfortunately, it does occur that you may need to sell your home in Earlsyville Forest.  As a Common Interest Community per the laws of Virginia, it is required that a seller request and obtain a Homeowner's Association Disclosure packet.   This packet includes the covenants, bylaws, a financial statement, and some particulars about the property in question.  The Board urges you to request this packet as early in the selling process as possible.

It is required to provide an up to date disclosure packet once a contract is entered for sale of the property.  However, it takes 2-4 weeks for the board to compile the packet - the board are all volunteers and do this in our spare time.  Thus, we strongly urge that disclosure packets are requested at the time of listing of the house. 

How to request a packet:

1) Either the seller or the seller's agent may request a disclosure packet.  Do this by sending a letter stating the property address and contact information to the following with a check for $60:
       Earlysville Forest HOA
       PO BOX 61
       Earlysville, VA 22936

2) Once the request and check are received, the board will begin compiling the disclosure packet. Please note that if there are outstanding dues or assessments unpaid on the property, this will delay the process and arrangements for their payment must be made.

3) As a part of the process, a representative of the architectural review committee will visit the property to assess compliance with the covenants. The seller does not need to be present during this exterior inspection.

4) When the disclosure packet is complete, the requester will be contacted and arrangements for delivery can be made.

If you have any questions during or about this process, please contact the association's bookkeeper at

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