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Getting Work Done?
Getting Work Done?

This page is reserved for the advertisements of local service providers who have been recommended by homeowners in the Forest. 

Kathy Markwood maintains a list of recommended providers. 
Click here for the current version of that list.

A bad experience with Cavalier Septic: We woke this morning to the sound of our septic system warning alarm.  We called CAVALIER SEPTIC to see if someone could come out to look at the problem.  We were told that someone could come out today, but they weren't able to give us any time frame.  When they arrived, they looked at the system for approx. 10 minutes and told us that the float needed replacing.  When we asked for an estimate, we were told $300.00!!!!  The price of the float was $44.00, and the remaining $250.00 was for a service fee and labor. They charge $125.00 just to come and look at the system, and an additional $125.00 for labor.  We were never told that there would be a 'service fee' regardless of whether or not we went with them.  The total labor time was approx. 30 minutes.  This type of unethical business practice should be discouraged, and word should be given to others that this is a company to avoid if possible.  When I questioned the fees involved, I was told that that was the price, regardless of whether I had been told about a service call fee or not, and I was responsible for that fee whether or not we went with them for fixing the problem.  Unfortunately, they realize that if we already need to pay their service fee, we are probably going to go ahead with them, which is what we did.  I did tell them, however, that I would be informing our neighborhood assn. of their practices as a warning to others.  As they say, let the consumer beware!!

Lawn Mowing: Albertsons Home & Lawn Service - They do a great and very professional job.  They take pride in their work and it shows. 
978-4770 (Home) 989-7373 (cell).

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